24 mar. 2011

Webinar sobre efectividad docente: lecciones aprendidas de Finlandia, Ontario y Singapur

Entorno virtual empleado para la transmisión por la Alianza por la Excelecia en la Educación.

Transmisión en vivo a través de internet de una conversación entre Linda Darling-Hammond, Robert Rothman y Bob Wise. Lunes 28 11am - 12m. hora de Lima.

Idioma: Inglés

Texto para la discusión:
Resumen: http://edpolicy.stanford.edu/pages/pubs/documents/aee-scope-teacher-leader-brief.pdf
Inscripciones: http://media.all4ed.org/registration-mar-28

The Alliance for Excellent Education and Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) Invite You to Attend A Webinar Discussion

Teacher and Leader Effectiveness:
Lessons Learned from
High-Performing Education Systems

Monday, March 28, 2011
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, ET

With teacher and leader effectiveness a top priority of the U.S. education policy agenda, the federal government and states are seeking better ways to recruit, prepare, develop, and retain effective educators. The policies and practices of high-performing education systems offer some direction on strategies U.S. policymakers should consider.

Many of these strategies are outlined in a new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE). The report, Teacher and Leader Effectiveness in High-Performing Education Systems, outlines lessons learned from three of the highest-performing education systems in the world: Finland, Ontario, and Singapore. These systems demonstrate that states and national governments can develop policies that create a highly effective educator workforce that produces improvements in achievement for all students.

Please join the Alliance for Excellent Education and SCOPE for a webinar on Monday, March 28 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, ET, to discuss some of the lessons learned about teacher-effectiveness policy from Finland, Ontario, and Singapore. Linda Darling-Hammond from SCOPE and Robert Rothman of the Alliance, coeditors of the Alliance–SCOPE report, will present findings with video clips of senior policy officials who have studied the three systems. Alliance President Bob Wise will serve as moderator. The webinar will also provide an opportunity for Dr. Darling-Hammond and Mr. Rothman to address questions submitted by viewers across the country.

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